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Our Story

We became parents to our first baby girl four years ago. Being organised in our work lives, we actively sought out ways to bring some organisation into our lives with the arrival of our first baby.

We used baby log books from Day 1 for the full first year for both our daughters. However, they did not meet our needs completely for a comprehensive, yet simple and beautiful book.

We made and printed out daily trackers at our local print shop, and:

  • The feedback we received from friends, colleagues, and family was that it served as a helpful guide to add structure to a baby’s day (and a parent’s sanity!)
  • Keeping track of our baby’s day not only helped us carve out a routine for our babies, but it also brought a form of structure to our family’s lifestyle
  • It helped us communicate better with our babies’ caregivers

The Evolution of the With Love Baby Journal

These printed out pages have evolved into the With Love Baby Journal.  A practical and beautiful notebook, where you can record your little’s one daily essentials, such as nappy changes, feeds, milestones and more.

Why not an app?

I used an app for a little bit and gave it up fast, for the following reasons:

  • retaining data for years to come is an issue
  • handing over the app to a caregiver is a challenge and assumes compatibility of phones
  • an app creates another reason to be attached to our phones while in the company of our babies
  • we found it better to write down the routines, and our two girls’ journals have become irreplaceable keepsakes

Bring simplicity to a family’s routine

My husband and I used the With Love Baby Journal (in its earlier print out version) with our first and second daughter.

Keeping track of our girls’ daily routine was instrumental when I returned to work after maternity leave as it enhanced communication between our nanny and myself. Our nanny loved noting down the daily routine for them, and fondly shares how easy it has made caring for our daughters.

Our baby tracking notebooks have not only become irreplaceable keepsakes, but it has also simplified our lives during the intense first year.

I hope the With Love Baby Journal will do the same for you and your family.

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