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Rookie parent society review

What I love about this tracker is that you can store emergency contacts for the nanny to keep within reach. It also has a section for Items Needed, so you and the caregiver can jot down what needs to be bought for baby

The Rookie Parent Society Johannesburg June 3, 2018

with love baby journal - tracking journal

I ordered the journal yesterday and I received it the very next day with a personal hand written note! I absolutely love the quick service and personal touch!

January 16, 2019

with love baby journal

I love my Journal. Simplicity and organisation at its best. Thank you!

January 27, 2019

With love baby journal

This journal is so handy and practical for us in our home to track baby's development. It is also so stunning that I could keep it for memories when I want to reminisce on when my baby was small. It's such a practical yet pretty gift option for a baby shower. I would recommend it for any new mom to help establish a routine and have notes to refer to when doing doctor check ups.

January 27, 2019

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My Book has arrived and I love it!! What a win.


Carly Kay Johannesburg February 19, 2019

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I am obsessed with the journal, I make sure its next to me at all times. I have been so busy being a mom and it helps me to cancel one thing on my to-do list.

I don’t have to worry about remembering the time she last fed, or how many ml’s I expressed or which side she last fed from, its been amazing.

I also love making the journal personal so I write interesting things she did that day, how she did with her vaccinations, who came to visit etc. So one day when she reads it, it paints a story of how she was as a baby day-to-day.

Falone Clark Johannesburg February 21, 2019

baby tracking journal_baby sleep routine

The With Love Baby Journal has helped us to learn all about our baby's behavior patterns. It is also so rewarding to look at the end of the day and make a little diary entry on behalf of baby 🙂

Visha Govender March 5, 2019

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Just wanted to say thank you for my Journal. Little one is just over a week old now. And it's really helped with the new mom anxiety. Love the Journal. Thank you for the excellent service and handwritten note.

Mariette Johannesburg March 11, 2019

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The journal has honestly been our saving Grace!
I have gone from a freaked out first time mom that really started losing track of time,feeds etc to now feeling like I'm keeping up. Hubby loves the journal too! I'm heading back to work soon and our nanny will be using it as well. I tell everyone about it. I wish I had such a diary from birth of our daughter.  I feel it would have saved me a lot of sanity and prevented my days from merging like they were.
Thanks again for such great service!
This will definitely be on my top present for any new mom in the future.

Kailyn, Port Elizabeth March 17, 2019

baby journal

My friend is one of those super organised people – she always arrives at meetings with her daily planner, weekly planner, & diary.  She makes notes of everything, & always manages to stay on top of everything that comes her way.  This is going to be her first baby, & I wanted to find her something that would ease the stress & would suit her A-type personality. When I saw a post that Jislaaik! had one of these gorgeous baby journals, I felt like I had hit the jackpot!

See Meggi's full blog post here.

Meggi Johannesburg April 9, 2019

baby journal
I have found the Journal very helpful and have purchased one for my sister as well.

Clair Boksburg May 2, 2019

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My Journal has been a dream, I am loving the Journal so much!

Immediately after buying it, my mom had to come over one weekend to stay with the baby and it came in very handy. Best decision ever made by purchasing it!

Mpho Pretoria May 2, 2019

Thank you so very much for our gorgeous baby tracker journal. It is a genius idea especially for mums like me who tend to be a little OCD at times..... OK all the time!!
I am so looking forward to using it to track our little boys schedule and milestones along the way. Its definetly going to save my exhausted brain from trying to remember his last feed/nappy change/naps taken etc.
Thank you for making my journey as a new mom so much less stressful.

Kerryn Kwazulu Natal June 4, 2019

I found the With Love Baby Journal very helpful! I just regret not getting it from the very start, I only got it in her third month. I would really recommend it for all new mommies.

Chantel Odendaal August 2, 2019

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We have used Adlé's Baby Journal since the day she was born. This little Journal is the most handiest item we have purchased.

Adlé eats every two hours...and the Journal truly helps us so much to keep track of everything. Every poo, every meal and even important dates. This is honestly such a great gift and a must have for every single mommy to be. Thank you Cherralle.

Gauteng August 13, 2019

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I used the Journal to keep track as I was diagnosed with post partum depression. I was a scatter brain, tired and felt useless, like I forgot how to be a mom. So I knew what, when, and made notes for my nanny to keep track. The Journal helped me a lot during this period.

Rivke Kwazulu Natal August 29, 2019

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Thank you so much for my Journal! Been great to keep track of progress during the newborn stage. Thank you for the encouragement and support during this Journey!

Johannesburg August 29, 2019


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