10 Best Things About Having Two Girls

//10 Best Things About Having Two Girls

10 Best Things About Having Two Girls

Disclaimer: This post was originally written by me 2 years ago, so the ages are off in the article. They are three and 6 now!

Our two girls are Caitlyn and Ava, aged four and one.

They are forces of nature.

Drawn to each other, but all hell can break loose when they collide.

These two little girls are my everything, and it is the best thing having two girls (well, in my opinion).

Here are the 10 Best Things About Having Two Girls

giving away my daughters baby things

1. Wear each other’s clothes

They are already sharing as my oldest daughter’s clothes are being passed down to the little one. When we buy clothes for Caitlyn, and it does not fit we just pack it away for Ava.

Interesting thought… maybe they will wear my clothes too?

I have a leather jacket that is pretty cool, and I think they will want to wear it. Maybe at the time, I will not like the idea of them wearing my ‘vintage’ leather jacket (at that stage it may be vintage). But now the thought of it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

2. Play with the same toys

Even at their current ages one and four they are both interested in the same toys. Whether it’s a doll, puzzle or Legos, they play together. Of course, they play in their own way as they are at different stages of development.

3. Share a room and a bed

It’s common for sisters to share a bedroom. Even if they had to be teenagers, they could easily and comfortably share a bedroom. If we had to go on holiday, we could easily be okay with one extra double bed. The girls currently share a bedroom.

4. A built-in best friend

There is a high probability that my girls will grow up to be super close. A built-in bestie (or support system) for each other.

5. Having girls make us more conscious of gender equality.

best things about having two girls

Feminist: someone who believes in equality and being able to make the choices that are right for you whether you a male or female.

Having girls has made me realise even more how the world likes to separate girls and boys. And give out subtle cues with regards to what they should or should not like. Even I am guilty of this myself.

Our eldest daughter (at this stage) has a balanced interest in both girls’ and boys’ activities.

She can rock a tutu and the next day a PJ masks outfit.

She can sit down and play with her my little pony figurine, and then step away for some golf. Our second daughter may or may not follow suit. Either way, it makes us more conscious of ensuring that they understand that they have equal access to opportunities. And quite frankly, they can like what they want!

I also accept that I cannot control  the messages they are exposed to when I am not there. I can only ensure I expose our girls to role models, teach them values and common sense.

6. Challenge stereotypes (if they want to)

Following on from point four, we made a point of not restricting our daughters to only girls’ clothes or toys. So she  takes what she likes from what is available. Whether its dresses or shorts; cars or dolls.

I love the fact that she does not carry self-limiting beliefs about what girls and boys should do. It is exciting to see this side of her and how she goes for what she likes. It is cool for now as long as it what she wants to do.

7. My girls make me want to be a better human.

I am their primary female role model. It makes me more conscious of how I present myself to the world.

We play with makeup and perfume. But I also let them see me on the floor with them playing. They also see their father cooking and cleaning, and I work for our family too. We work inside and outside the home (work inside the home is also work!).

8. They are affectionate

They are charming, warm, cozy and all things sugar and spice. And demanding, cheeky and loud.

9. Join me at the salon

In fact, for my birthday my four-year-old joined me for a pedicure. I can just picture our mommy daughter dates at the salon when they are older.

10. Best things about having two girls – Our unique family journey

I am grateful for my two girls. I loved sharing the best things about having two  girls and I love our journey. What is your journey?

Oh and by  the way, even Mark Zuckerberg thinks having two daughters is kind of awesome!

Whether you have girls or boys, enjoy your journey!

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