10 Adorable Traditions for Your Baby’s First Christmas

//10 Adorable Traditions for Your Baby’s First Christmas

10 Adorable Traditions for Your Baby’s First Christmas

Your baby’s first Christmas is a special milestone for them and the whole family. Celebrating Christmas brings an amazing opportunity to create and capture special moments.

Here are 10 Adorable Traditions for Your Baby’s First Christmas.

Babys first chrimas_ newborn baby sleeping near Christmas tree-min

1. Snap a picture by the Christmas Tree

Super simple and heartwarming. Simply snap a pic of your baby by the Christmas Tree. Trust me, it will be one of your most treasured images.

2. Have them wear special Christmas Eve pyjamas (great for toddlers and preschoolers too)

For our girls we buy a special set of pyjamas they can wear on Christmas Eve. It creates a special atmosphere around Christmas.

3. Create a special tradition around a Christmas Eve box

Christmas eve box_babys first christmas

Kikki and Franki has the most delightful Christmas Eve boxes. Fill them up with special Christmas Eve special goodies for years to come. The Christmas Eve box is an extra-large luxury Christmas Eve Box. The stunning engraved wooden lid of the Christmas Eve box is personalised with a child’s name or the family name.

4. Make a hand or footprint

Create a hand or footprint to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas. Check out these adorable Inkless Print Kits from Imprint Love.

5. Visit Father Christmas in the mall (also great for all ages!)

Have your little one’s first photo taken with Father Christmas. However, just watch your baby as they may be scared and overwhelmed when coming face to face with the big guy.

6. Take your first ‘Family Christmas Photo’ on Christmas Day

How can I leave this one out? Your baby’s first Christmas is special for the whole family too.

7. Create a Christmas ornament

If you are feeling creative and want to incorporate some DIY, you may also create your own Christmas ornament. Head on over to these blog posts for ideas:

8. Write a letter to your baby as you celebrate your first Christmas together

mom and baby playing_

Christmas is always a special time of showing gratitude for our family and friends. It creates a beautiful moment to write a special letter to your baby that he or she can read later on in life. Why not store the letter for safekeeping in your With Love Baby Journal, or write it in your Journal?

9. Read a special Christmas Book

It is never to early to read to your baby, as it creates a special bonding opportunity. Herewith a list of examples for first Christmas books for babies.

10. Write a letter from your baby to Santa

Again, another adorable keepsake, which can be kept for years to come. You can write a sweet and short letter to Santa on behalf of your baby.

11. Bonus Tip. Cute Baby Christmas gifts for little babies:

Adorable Dangles and Teethers from Ruby Melon.

Silicone and Wooden Teethers from Love Yoga Baby

A Christmas Book is also a great gift for your little one.


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