Why I Wish I Had Kept a Pregnancy Journal

//Why I Wish I Had Kept a Pregnancy Journal

Why I Wish I Had Kept a Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy is a magical journey filled with many highlights (and low lights). Therefore,  it’s easy to forget some of those significant moments. This is where the Pregnancy Journal comes in.

For some, they are glowing and glorious and ‘carry well’, as the aunties say.

For others, it can be uncomfortable, painful, with bouts of morning sickness, heartburn…well, you get my drift.

Irrespective of how you are experiencing your own unique pregnancy, you cannot deny the special milestones that tug at your heart strings. To name a few: hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time; the first kick; picking your baby’s name.

By capturing these special moments inside a Pregnancy Journal, you can hold on to those moments long after you have forgotten the details. And you will forget.

In addition, a Pregnancy Journal will also assist you to prepare for pregnancy, as you can jot down everything you need to remember to do.

I really wish I had kept a Pregnancy Journal. Here are a few benefits of keeping a Pregnancy Journal, plus how to choose one.

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Celebrate Pregnancy Milestones

How did you feel when you heard your baby’s heartbeat for the first time? Describe your feelings in your Pregnancy Journal. What names are you thinking of giving your little one? Who is weighing in on this subject, and what are your considerations? These are once in a lifetime moments to cherish.

Unique Keepsake that you can give to your child one day

By documenting your little one’s progress, adding pictures, and adding your thoughts, you are creating an irreplaceable memory bank. To share your pregnancy journal with your own child one day, or when they are expecting (or their partner is) would be amazing.

A space to paste your ultrasounds and special pictures

Having a dedicated Pregnancy Journal where you can paste your ultrasound scans and bump pics. Even your newborn baby’s footprint and fingerprints will all be kept in one place.

Document the arrival of your little one

Ensure your Pregnancy Journal has a  special place where you can celebrate the arrival of your newborn.

What to consider when purchasing a Pregnancy Journal

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  • Length: If you plan on writing a lot, you need to purchase one with enough space, for example, for weekly or daily updates. If you want to write when you feel like it, you need to get a flexible design, whether it is monthly or more open-ended.
  • Advice: Do you want a Pregnancy Journal with advice along the way, or not really? Check the descriptions to see if the Journal meets your requirements.
  • Prompts and questions: Certain Journals have more prompts, and some are more open-ended, and some are balanced. 
  • Design: The Design of your Journal is essential. As a memory keepsake, you would need a Journal with a sturdy cover and quality, thick pages that will last.
  • Space to capture the birth: do you want to capture the birth of your little one? If yes ensure your Pregnancy Journal, has a section for the arrival.

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