The Complete Third Trimester Checklist To Get You Ready for Your Baby

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The Complete Third Trimester Checklist To Get You Ready for Your Baby

It is almost time for your baby to arrive! And what would we do without a checklist to keep us a little sane, therefore a third trimester checklist is totally a thing!

It is time to wrap up your last preparations before you bring your newborn home.

Third Trimester Checklist To Get You Ready for Your Baby

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Getting Ready to Give Birth

  • Pack Your Hospital Bag.
  • Your Baby’s Hospital Bag. Herewith a blog post we wrote covering what you will need in a hospital bag for yourself and your birth partner!
  • Book your hospital bed and made the necessary medical aid arrangements. You may also do a tour of the hospital (ask!).
  • Think through your birth plan and discuss with your doctor and birth partner. Mine was as simple as, do with me what you want but I want an epidural!

At Home

  • Prepare baby’s sleep space. Consider baby sleep safety guidelines as you are preparing your baby’s sleep space.
  • Get ready for baby: Set up your changing station essentials.
  • Purchase and wash your baby’s clothes and blankets.
  • Set up your baby essentials in the home, such as toiletries, bath products, etc which you may not be taking with you to the hospital.
  • Baby Proofing: although your little one will not be mobile it is still a good idea to think through baby proofing so you can get it out of the way. Example, safety gates for stairs and plug covers.

Your Car

  • Install your baby car seat.
  • Consider purchasing a sun shield installed as well.

At work and preparing for maternity leave

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Next level organised

  • Start spring cleaning and getting your home clean for your new baby. ‘Nesting’ as they say.
  • Get your With Love baby Journal asap.
  • Start researching and thinking about child care options if you are returning to work.
  • Prepare freezer meals (trust me, it will be so worth it).
  • Register and attend antenatal classes.
  • At this stage, it is also a good idea to confirm your Doula (if you intend to have one). See our Interview with a Doula as well as the Birth Story of Steph who is a Doula herself. Both articles highlight the benefits of having a doula.
  • If you are planning on having a lactation consultant, now is a good time to confirm who that will be. Usually your lactation consultation will come see you at the hospital after you have given birth.
  • Check out mom and baby classes which you may want to participate in during pregnancy or after you have given birth and you are well enough

Fun Things!

  • Complete your shopping for your baby.
  • Prepare your baby announcement.
  • Do something for yourself. With baby arriving your free time will be seriously reduced.
  • Spend extra special time with your loved ones. Especially if you have other children.
  • Relax and play your ‘pregnancy card’ hard and true while you still can!

Now, be a good friend and share this third trimester checklist with a pregnant mama!

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