Products We Love: The Love To Dream Swaddle Up

//Products We Love: The Love To Dream Swaddle Up

Products We Love: The Love To Dream Swaddle Up

As most of you all know by now, I am pretty obsessed with baby sleep over here. Our firstborn gave us the gift of sleep from very early on. By six weeks she was already sleeping decent stretches at night. My second born, she needed a little bit more help to settle.

Our Ava slept very restlessly. She needed to be swaddled as she had a strong startle reflex that disturbed her sleep. However, she always broke out of her swaddle as she needed her hands. Our little escape artist!

I googled and googled and googled (as we do!). I came across the Swaddle Up Love to Dream.

The moment I put it on for her, she was so content. I immediately ordered two extra Swaddle Ups!

So what exactly is the Love to Dream Swaddle UP?

Products we love_swaddle up

The Swaddle UP is a zip-up swaddle that allows babies to sleep in an ‘arms up’ position, giving them the same snug feeling of being swaddled. In this position, they can use their hand to self-sooth. Your baby gets the super snug people of being wrapped, however with the added benefit of having their hands free.

Through using the Love to Dream Swaddle Up, I found that:

  1. Ava was tucked in nice and snug. She looked adorable, and she was just content, and she was comfortable. ‘WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?’ I thought.
  2. She sucked at her hand through the swaddle up. Her little hands just reached her face; it was so cute!
  3. She looked super cute! (I had to mention that again)
  4. She slept for longer and could not break free.

We did away with the detachable ‘wings’ by the time she was around 4 months old and continued to use the sleeping bag for a few more months.

Truth be told, I wasn’t entirely convinced when I first saw the images online. When I saw the Swaddle Up online, I also thought ‘hmm..I am not sure.’ However, I trusted the online reviews.


If you have a baby who escapes from their swaddle, you need the Love To Dream Swaddle up.

You will have the best of both worlds. Your baby will be safe and snug in a swaddle. Reducing the impact of the startle reflex  which helps them to sleep for longer. At the same time, your little one will have access to their hands so that they can self-sooth. It is a WIN-WIN.

Every baby is different. However, I would highly recommend all moms with babies give Swaddle Up a try.

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