Interview With A Sleep Consultant – Good Night Sleep Consultancy

//Interview With A Sleep Consultant – Good Night Sleep Consultancy

Interview With A Sleep Consultant – Good Night Sleep Consultancy

What is the one thing that new parents often THINK ABOUT? BABY SLEEP!

If you haven’t googled ‘why is my baby not sleeping’ or ‘tips for getting my baby to nap’ are you even a new parent?

We all know that there is this ‘expectation’ that you give up sleep completely and that is just the way it is when you become a parent. We have all seen the sleep deprivation memes. Yes, sleep is impacted. But you don’t have to completely give up your sleep.

Sleep becomes a problem when lack thereof is impacting your well being, your baby and your family’s well being. Then it is time to seek support. Remember, you need to be well rested so that you can give your best to your baby.

To shed more light on how a sleep consultant can help families, I reached out to Jolandi, from Good Night Sleep Consultancy.

Interview With A Sleep Consultant – Good Night Sleep Consultancy

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Tell us about yourself and what inspired you to become a Sleep Consultant?

I actually had a corporate job but stopped just before my son was born.

I myself was not sleeping for a very long time.  My son Oscar did not sleep and when my daughter arrived just after his second birthday, I reached breaking point.

Good Night assisted me with my daughter and I was so amazed about the impact it had on my life. I knew I also wanted to help other moms in the same way.  Now 5 years later I have helped over 640 families!

What exactly is a Sleep Consultant?

We assist parents who struggle with their children’s sleep. We keep in mind all factors from nutrition and environment to sleep associations. Then we assist parents to implement the change and methods over 2 to 3 weeks.

What are the benefits to parents of having a Sleep Consultant?

Most definitely the support.  No one likes change and it helps when  someone is there to help you through the process. In order to help you determine  what changes are needed and to guide you along the way.

A personalised sleep plan guides parents on what to do, and support is readily available.

When should you obtain a Sleep Consultant (at birth, or after a few months?)

The sooner the better. But I always say that parents are ready when they are ready.  There are a lot of things that are part of parenthood.

When just one thing  becomes an obsession or takes up all your time then it is time to change it.  When sleep is a problem it becomes the only thing parents worry about, this is when you should change things. This could happen when your baby is 3 weeks or 3 years. It is completely up to parents.

In your view, why is it important for a family to build healthy sleep habits?

Sleep is a natural thing for humans and  we cannot function without it. Our children can’t be at their best and we can’t bring our best without sleep. 

Lack of sleep has an impact on mood, learning, growth and overall health.  I always ask my clients:  “Do you feel tired?”  “Well why would you think your own baby does not feel that way if they are waking up just as often?”

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Parents are often not keen on sleep training; how do you address this concern?

More often than not parents’ perception of sleep training entails crying. Or rather leaving their children to cry.  We have a follow up procedure and assist clients with the process. Therefore we ensure that they understand that we are always there to help and change things if they are not comfortable.

There is also a lack of education, because sleep training does not have to mean you leave your child to cry.

What do you love most about your role?

When a parent tells me that her baby slept through!

Parents feel relief but also a sense of accomplishment (and they should)!  Parents can often feel so helpless in their sleep struggles, trying and searching for an answer, when it finally happens they finally feel that they are doing something right.

What services does Good Night Sleep Consultancy provide? (e.g. sleep workshops etc.)

We offer:

  • Individual sleep consultations, bedtime and over night support (this includes a personalised sleep plan).
  • Workshops and Seminars.
  • free talks at schools, playgroups and parent days.
  • We also sell some great products – that we believe help with sleep.

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What is the one piece of advice you can give a mom with a newborn?

Newborns take time to process, up to 10 minutes.  So give them time to digest what you are doing instead of trying 10 different techniques in 1 minute.

How can people get in touch?


Contact number: 067 182 3157


Social media links:

Facebook: @GoodNightbabyrsa

Twitter: @GoodNightPT

Instagram: @goodnightbabysa

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