To My Girls: 20 Things I Didn’t Know Until I Had Two Kids

//To My Girls: 20 Things I Didn’t Know Until I Had Two Kids

To My Girls: 20 Things I Didn’t Know Until I Had Two Kids

I am a mom of two girls, aged five and two.

We had our first daughter six years ago. I was quite happy being a mom of one. But I desperately wanted to give my daughter a sibling. You know, so that she does not ‘grow’ up alone.

We live far away from ‘home’ and so we do not have much family nearby. I also grew up in a family of five children,  and my husband in a family of four.

So yes, I don’t think one child was going to be an option.

And here I am. A mom of two! Being a mom of two has opened me up new experiences as a mom. In addition, it has also changed our family dynamic significantly.

I adore being a mom of two girls.

You may read here about how we strive to become organised as a family of four.

Here are 20 Things I Didn’t Know Until I had Two Kids.

To My Girls: 20 Things I Didn’t Know Until I Had Two Kids


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1. Yes, I can and do love you both equally. It just happened.

I honestly believe that the capacity for love that we as parents have is vast.

2. I didn’t know how different you would be in your personalities yet so much alike.

You are both feisty and strong willed. However, you seem to get what you want in your own way.

Little One: you are more easily persuaded. Probably because you choose your battles.

Big Sissy: I hope it is true what they say. That what I am seeing are leadership qualities! You are not easily persuaded with regards to anything, and you are sometimes stubborn as a mule. However, deep down you are so sensitive, and I forget that sometimes.



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3. I didn’t know, how much I would adore how you girls look out for each other.

Little One: When big sissy marches you off to the toilet for ‘potty,’ it is super cute. I hope you maintain and grow this bond as you grow older.

Not being marched off to the toilet by your older sister, but just helping each other out in life!

4. I didn’t know that going from one to two kids is A REAL CHANGE in the amount of physical work.

We are talking double the work of everything. In theory I knew, and I was thinking ‘I got this.’ But, reality hit home when I was having to feed, bath, entertain, etc. two children.

It is hard!

Oh and before some crazies come crawling out of the interwebs…I know it is also double the love, affection, and hugs.

5. I didn’t know how important it was to get organised with two!

We have always had simple routines in place since the time we brought home our first baby.

Simple routines ensure that each member of our family can get what they need. In time, love, and attention. And sleep (kind of important).


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6. I didn’t know I would be yo yoyoing between your moods.

When the one is calm the other one is hysterical as I gave her a yellow bowl instead of a blue bowl. I. CAN’T. EVEN.

7. What a special bond you guys would form, at this young age already.

Some mornings we can hear you guys giggling playfully in your bedroom and it is EVERYTHING!


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8. I didn’t know how intriguing it would be to get to know each of you individually.

Little One: You are super affectionate and you love cuddling all the time, and you are also a bit more chilled.

Big Sissy: You, are an intense five year old. You are sensitive and seem to experience everything life has to offer with ferocity.

Case in point, when I lose my patience and I raise my voice at you.

  • This can either result in a full blown rebellion from you (you even lobby your sister to join your rebellion).
  • Or on the other extreme, you will explain to me that I have ‘broken your feelings‘ and you will be devastated and truly hurt.

9. I didn’t know how much I would love how you guys share clothes.

I know both of you are still little and this might change. For now, of course it is Big Sissy sharing with Little One!

10. Following on, how cool big sissy is with sharing clothes.

Big Sissy: When you go and pack your little sister’s drawers with clothes that no longer fit you. That is heartwarming.

11. I didn’t know how having two kids would make me shift my priorities drastically.

Our family life is everything to me. Watching, and seeing you grow has become my life.


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12. I didn’t know.. No Wait, I DID KNOW that I would need alone time more than ever!

Needing to be away from you does not mean I love you any less. It just means I need to recharge by myself, so I can be at my best when I am with you.

13. I didn’t know ‘TIRED TIRED’, until I had two kids.

One kid TIRED, is very different to two kid TIRED. With one kid you do have a lot of breaks. With two kids, no breaks.

14. I didn’t know that I would gladly welcome TV.

It is much easier to entertain one child and limit TV time. Now I am like, ‘here is the remote you guys.’

15. I didn’t know grateful I would be for  ready made baby food.

Sorry my baby (number two) there just wasn’t time to go home cooked everything with you. But we do have some awesome local businesses who supply home made baby food.

16. I also didn’t know, that I will NOT finish my second baby’s photo book (sorry)!

We have now opted for school albums and family albums which is current. Maybe one day the second baby book will be done, who knows?

17. I didn’t know how you guys would literally fight each other to both sit on my lap at bedtime.

It is kind of cute, but also painful as your knees and elbows jab me all over the place.

18. I KNEW I wanted you to be friends and be close.

19. I KNEW how much your bond with each other would mean to me!

20. Even in my most exhausted state, I KNEW I will love being a mom to the two of you. My precious girls.

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