Why I Can’t Let Go of Some of My Daughters’ Baby Things

//Why I Can’t Let Go of Some of My Daughters’ Baby Things

Why I Can’t Let Go of Some of My Daughters’ Baby Things

I have given away most of my two daughters’ baby clothes.

I was reminded of this while seeing an Instagram post from Modern Zulu Mom about having to give away baby clothes, to make space for her new baby’s things.

However, I have kept basically ALL of my daughters’ baby blankets.

Even the tiny swaddle 1m by 1m that only fitted probably for a month or two. I just cannot give it away! We have a lot of ‘stuff’ but I force myself to give things away as I get overwhelmed.

But these items I cannot part with.

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I know to declutter SPARKS JOY, but these items SPARK JOY in me.

family photography_parting with my baby daughters things

Since December I have slowly started to declutter and give more things away.

I have cleared out our lounge of a random ottoman, another random ottoman with toys stuffed inside, random toys in the ‘spare room/ playroom/study (you know what I mean).

Cleared out my cupboard (YAY, I AM SO HAPPY AFTER DOING THIS ONE).

We cleared out our kitchen (well let’s call it phase 1).

Still, a lot to do, but one of my key focuses for 2019 is to have ‘less stuff’ in my life.

But when I look at my daughters’ baby blankets, I just CANNOT.

It reminds me of how tiny they use to be.

Their sweet newborn scent.

How precious it was to hold each of my babies for the first time the moment after their birth.

The feeling of their tiny hands gripping my index finder.

I don’t want to lose these memories.

I have mostly forgotten about the pain of labour, the pain of breastfeeding, the sleep deprivation, etc. etc. I remember I chickened out of our newborn shoots on both times and made it 3 and 6 month shoots. Now I WISH I had done those shoots so that I could have more memories documented.

Now I have:

– a five-year-old, who surprises me each day with her feistiness and her view of the world.

But yet, she only wants to be next to me when she falls asleep. She tells me “you can leave me only when I fall asleep.” And I don’t mind most nights. It has become our ‘time.’

– A two-year-old who is developing a feisty personality of her own, and commands attention with the cutest, chubbiest, toddler face and the curliest afro ever.

But yet, I can still cuddle her as long as I want every evening before bed (we both enjoy it). Let’s just say she ‘lets me’ as no one can make her do anything she doesn’t feel like.

My last baby experience

When our Ava turned two (late 2018), I almost had to go through a shift and accept that she is my last baby experience ever. It is all over. I am not planning to have another baby. It is good news. But it is sad too.

However, on the other hand I am embracing who they are becoming.

I am enjoying the new interactions that I have with them. They are so different, yet the same!

Will I ever let go of them being babies? Will I ever let go of the esteemed baby blankets? Eventually I will need to, but for now, I will enjoy each and every stage as they come. And I am keeping the baby blankets!

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