5 Quick Tips to Get Your Family Organised using the Weekly Family Planner

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5 Quick Tips to Get Your Family Organised using the Weekly Family Planner

Learn how to streamline and organise your family’s week by using the Weekly Family Planner!

With two children in school this year, I have been overwhelmed with managing everything within our family.
I cannot ‘go with the flow.’ I get too flustered.  And I tend to forget things.

I am that person that use to say:

Oh, I am sure they will do a reminder closer to the time.”
I am sure I will remember that.”
I will pick up some groceries during the week.”

Do these sound familiar to you?


As a mom, I have too many things to think about.

Therefore, with two kids in school this year, I have decided to be intentional about planning and getting our family organised. That was when the Weekly Family Planner was born! Here are 5 tips on how to get the most out of the Weekly Family Planner.

 5 Quick Tips To Get Your Family  Organised using the Weekly Family Planner.

weekly family planner

1. Create a Weekly Visual of your family activities

Create a  visual view of the week’s activities of your family. Jot down all those extra murals, extra lessons, work events, etc. which impact the family life. You can then see all the week’s activities at a glance.

The Weekly Planner is undated and therefore can be started anytime during the year. You may also (if you want) ignore the Weekly Planner during the school holidays, thus no wasted pages!

2. Meal Planning

Menu planning is a REAL GAME CHANGER! Step it up another level and plan kids school lunches as well.
Set up your meal plan for the week (e.g., on a Sunday) and shop accordingly.

The benefits of meal planning are that you save time and money. Meal planning will limit take-out dinner and impulse buys. Plus it is one less thing to think about.

I have always practiced batch cooking, but planning the week’s meals out has made a huge difference. I can ensure a little variety and healthier options in the girls’ lunches and their meals at home.

A Meal Plan has also improved relieved so much stress in my life. Now when I get asked ‘what are the kids eating.’ I am like a boss and say “please check the meal planner.”

Check out this Post from Natasha, IG: @fitlikemummy where she shares Meal Prepping Recipes. 

Also see from Nadia, IG: thenonadventuresofasahm sharing how to shop smart and get 5 Dinners out of R500.

3. Organise your to-do list for Home & Family activities in one place

Keep all your to-do lists in one place. If you are one of those people, who have notes and to-do lists in random places you will understand the frustration when you lose the notes or forget.

As soon as something important comes to your attention, WRITE IT DOWN in a designated book or space.

4. Find a Family Planner that works for you

weekly family planner

Your personal preference will influence which planner will suit you.

The Weekly Family Planner has up to 6 columns which you can use to add your family’s names in.

It also contains convenient spaces for grocery lists and meals.

If you do not have six names to add you can use the other columns for what YOU NEED. I use one of the columns to jot down school lunches for the week.

The Weekly Family Planner can be flexible to your needs. It is undated and covers 52 weeks plus note pages at the week. Each week is a lovely double spread.

For our family, I use the Weekly Family Planner to plan:

  •  the week’s activities for school; things we need to send, special events, etc.
  • which parent is working late when. This is NB in our home to ensure ‘coverage’ at home in the evening.
  •  drop off/ pick up issues we need to plan out.
  • Family appointments I need to make (e.g., dentists, etc.).
  • Meal plan which includes, school lunches, home lunches, and dinner. I use a Weekly Family Planner for all the meal planning. Then I copy over the menu on something such as to our Weekly Planner Notepad on to the fridge.

5. Plan Major Family Events in your planner (keep everything in one place)

Examples are:

  • When you are going on your Family holiday, use the planner to jot down everything you need to take with.
  •  Track your home cleaning schedule (e.g., a big spring clean, a move, etc.).
  • Paste in your children’s full school calendar as well, so everything is in one place.

Benefits of using a Weekly Family Planner

  • Encourages a healthy level of organization in your home.
  • Saves money, as you won’t splurge on impulse buys school lunches and dinners.
  • Saves time, no more wasting time thinking about meals, and minimize last minute arrangements.
  • Opens up communication for everyone in your home. Everyone is on the same page.
  • Creates a calmer environment as you are not stressing about meals, groceries and pick up schedules.

To sum up, I am not saying that you will not miss things, or still forget. We are all human. But you will be SO much more organized.

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