6 Mom and Baby Classes in Johannesburg (plus other useful resources for parents)

//6 Mom and Baby Classes in Johannesburg (plus other useful resources for parents)

6 Mom and Baby Classes in Johannesburg (plus other useful resources for parents)

Mom and baby classes are a great way to set aside quality time for you and your baby. Here are five picks of Mom and baby classes in Johannesburg. The list covers mommy and baby yoga and play groups. In addition, we also cover Nanny and Baby playgroups and sleep seminars for parents.

Mom and Baby Classes in Johannesburg (plus other useful resources for parents)

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Mommy and Baby Yoga

Yoga Mama

Yoga is recommended by most doctors and midwives. Owing to the fact that pregnancy yoga  offers a multitude of benefits to both mother and  baby throughout pregnancy, during birth and beyond. Yoga Mama offers classes all over Johannesburg (Sandton, Randburg, Broadacres, etc). A range of yoga classes is on offer such as:

  • Pregnancy Yoga
  • Postnatal Yoga, and
  • Fertility Yoga

Instagram: @yogamama Facebook: Yoga Mama SA

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Baby Massage, Play and First Aid

Bub Hub and Company (Sandton & Broadacres)

The Bub Hub Company provides mom and baby wellness classes. In addition, Bub Hub offers select mom and baby necessities in a boutique style environment.

Classes on offer:

  • Infant Massage Classes
  • CPR and First Aid Course
  •  Stimulation Workshops
  • Express Photo Sessions

Instagram: @bubhubsandton  

Facebook: Bub Hub Sandton

Music Box

Music Box is a pre-music program for babies and children in Nursery, Pre Primary and Special Needs Environments.

The Music Box offers a preschool music programme  as an extra mural or curricular activity at schools.

However,  Music Box Studio‘s are also a very popular option for parents/caregivers who want to join in the fun with the little ones! Therefore, making it  great option for one on one time with your baby. Check out their Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town locations on the Music Box website.

Instagram: @musicboxsa

Facebook: Music Box

Mothers and Miracles

A mom and baby (or toddler) activity class, Mothers and Miracles believes that “play” and “learning” are interlinked. Their weekly classes focus on creating a fun learning experiences through play-based experiences in small groups.

Instagram: @mothersandmiraclesfourways

Facebook: Mothers and Miracles

Top Tots Mother and Child Workshops

Top Tots Mother and Child  run classes for parents and their children aged 8wks to 4yrs. The focus is on stimulating through play with the emphasis on fun. Instagram: @topstotsmotherandchild Facebook: Top Tots Mother and Child

Baby College SA

Classes take parent and child through unique activities that enhance every aspect of a child’s development. Baby College classes are run in three age groups:

  • Infants 0 – 9 months
    • Fun and gentle activities are suitable from birth.
  • Toddlers 9 – 18 months
    • Your older baby is exploring more and more of the world around them. Therefore, Toddler classes introduce additional learning themes, music play and rhythmic movement.
  • BC Juniors 18 – 36 months
    • Junior classes are lots of fun and even more active. Greater emphasis is placed on cognitive and motor skills.
  • Additional Offerings
    • Infant Massage
    • Mommy Massage Groups
    • Baby & Child First Aid

Instagram: @babycollegesa Facebook: Baby College SA mom and baby classes in johannesburg

Nanny and Baby Classes

Nurturing Nannies

Nurturing nannies offers combined nanny, baby and toddler classes. In essence playgroups are provided and are aimed at enhancing the development of your baby through play. Notably, providing your nanny this opportunity benefits your nanny and your baby. Instagram: @nurturingnannies  Facebook: Nurturing Nannies South Africa

Educational Seminars:

Good Night Baby Seminars

At a Good Night Baby Seminar, you can network with other parents and parents-to-be, and share similar stories of child sleep struggles and successes.

Seminars cover the following and more: 

  • Leading sleep experts opinions about child sleep.
  • Establishing a fun and practical bedtime routine for your child.
  • Putting together a sleep plan for your child.

Good Night Baby are sleep consultants and also offer private sleep consultations. Instagram: @goodnightbabysa Facebook: Good Night Baby SA

Pikanini Baby Academy

Pikanini is here to help parents figure out the stimulation, sleeping and caregiving issues of their babies and toddlers. Therefore, leaving mommy and daddy to relax, love and have fun with their babies.

Offerings are listed below which are posted on their Facebook page: 

  • Mommy Sleep Talks
  • Play & Learn Workshops

Pikanini also offers private sleep consultations. Instagram: @pikaninibaby Facebook: Pikanini Baby Academy

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