4 Reasons Keeping a Baby Tracking Journal is a Good Idea

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4 Reasons Keeping a Baby Tracking Journal is a Good Idea

Having a baby is unpredictable and demanding. Yes, it’s beautiful and magical, but let’s face it. It is DAMN HARD.

Keeping a baby tracking journal is a small act that can have a significant impact on your life with baby.

A Baby Journal can:

1) Save your sanity. By helping you get organised.

2) Help you to establish your little one’s routine. Add a little predictability to your life with your baby.

3) Savour precious baby memories. Priceless.

4) Keep the village helping to care for your child on  the same page. Simplified hand over to caregivers.

Why Should You Keep a Baby Journal?

baby tracking journal

Save your sanity by getting organised

Stay on top of your baby’s daily needs by keeping track of her daily routine. Which is  particularly important at the beginning. For example, it is essential to know how many wet nappies your baby has throughout a day.

And, let’s be real for a second. When you are sleep deprived you are NOT going to be able to remember all of that.

If you are pumping, you can note your output and see if you are increasing, decreasing. A good piece of information is what time of day delivers the most output. Herewith useful Breast Pumping tips to consider from Medela.

No need to worry about the following questions:

– When last did baby eat? Check your Baby Journal feeding section.

– Has pumping increased my supply? Note down your pumping times and output.

– Is my baby’s sleep getting more consistent? Check your sleep log in your Baby Journal.

– She rolled over the first time! So cuteWrite it in your Baby Journal.

Keeping a Baby Journal can help you worry less about remembering all the things and focus on spending time with your baby.

Become better at establishing and predicting your little one’s routine

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By around 6 – 8 weeks you will start to pick up your baby’s daily patterns. By writing down your baby’s sleep and feeds, you can build a flexible routine. Using awake times and a flexible feeding approach you can slowly build a routine.

One of the first things a sleep consultant would request is that their client keep a sleep and feeding log. Keeping track is THAT important.

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Keepsake of memories

One of these days you will look at your three year old and wonder where did the baby years go? A baby journal becomes a keepsake that you can look back on for years to come.

By then you would have forgotten about the sleep deprivation, cracked nipples, and exhaustion. So you will conveniently ONLY remember the sweet moments. And that is okay in my book.

Simplify handovers with your village that helps care for your baby

Easily keep everyone who takes care for your baby on the same page. When your nanny or family member looks after your baby, they can just fill out your baby’s daily routine.

When your return you can see exactly how your baby ate and slept when you were not there.

Easily communicate your baby’s routine to your baby’s caregiver by leaving a note in the Journal.

How are moms using the With Love Baby Journal?

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