New Mom Routine: 5 Steps to Create a Routine as a New Mom

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New Mom Routine: 5 Steps to Create a Routine as a New Mom


 I do not buy into the notion that motherhood is complete chaos all of the time.

Yes, it is exhausting.

Yes, there ARE bad days. There will be days when you just have to cuddle your baby and DO NOTHING ELSE whole day. And that is okay, enjoy these precious baby moments.

However, there are little things that you can do to create a structure for you and your baby

After around the 6 – 8 week mark you may be able to usher in a little routine for you and your baby. Nothing hectic as your baby is still so little.

Having a routine for your family sets the tone for your whole lifestyle as a family.  By following these 5 steps you can create a new mom routine.

If you are okay and comfortable to ‘go with the flow’, then so be it, to each his own. We are all different people.

However, this post is for you IF YOU:

  • thrive on creating order out of chaos
  • NEED some order to function
  • want to enjoy your evenings after your baby has gone to bed EVERY night
  • want to ensure your baby is on a flexible routine and getting enough sleep and feeds


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New Mom Routine: 5 Steps to Create a Routine as a New Mom

new mom routine


Step 1: Pick a day to Plan Meals.

Plan out your meals. Pick a day that works for you. Usually, Sunday is a good day to start, and then do the grocery shopping for the meals on the same day. It can be as elaborate as three meals or just one meal a day. I would recommend plan one meal a day for you and your family (e.g. supper). Then you know what you are working towards.

Usually, supper is good place to start as you can make extra so that you have leftovers for either breakfast or lunch for the next day.

Step 2: Think about what you want to achieve daily

It could be cooking, laundry, going for a walk, personal admin or working from home. Could be catching up on your favourite series on Netflix (no judgement here!).

Step 3. Write down and build your baby’s routine.

Once you have documented your baby’s routine for a few days you will start to  your little one’s patterns.

Start with a super simple bedtime routine, and then you can build from there. Bath, Feed, Story, Song and a set bedtime each evening. Read further here tips on creating an optimal sleep space for your little from Good Night Baby Sleep Consultancy.

Download: Download the Free Sample Routine for your 3 – 6 Month Old

Step 4. Create a pumping schedule (if applicable)

If you are expressing, having a set routine is essential to keep up your milk production. In the early days, it is necessary to pump nearly every three hours. Ensure that you track your pumping schedule. Read this  Breast Pumping Guide on when and how long to pump.

Step 5. Bring it all together

Document your plan for the day in terms of what you need to do and your baby’s routine in one. The With Love Baby Journal has enough space and notes sections for you to note down what you need to do.

That’s it!

Plan your own routine, your baby’s routine and bring it all together and you will have  a flexible routine for you and your baby.

Be intentional

Setting up a routine with your new baby is about you, your baby and your whole WHOLE FAMILY. Investing a little time and effort to create simple routines, will pay off  if you are consistent.

As moms, we CAN be intentional about our lives. By creating a little routine for you and your new baby, you will have time for your home, hobbies, your partner and older children (if applicable).

Do not be a drill sergeant

A flexible routine, with eats and sleeps happening roughly around the same time each day will help you and your baby have happy days and settled nights.

I thought I was weird

Again, a structured approach is not for everyone, and I get that. I honestly thought I was weird as I NEEDED ROUTINES with my babies, otherwise I could not function. Only when  I connected with other moms, I realised I am not (that) weird after all.

Many moms are okay and thriving by being much more flexible. Do what is right for you and your family.

If you are ready to build a routine with your little one read our articles on Baby Tracking Basics, Baby Routines and about how the With Love Baby Journal helps you simplify life with your baby.

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