7 Simple Ways You Can Help A New Mom (that will make her life easier)

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7 Simple Ways You Can Help A New Mom (that will make her life easier)

Many friends of new moms really mean well. They DO want to help. But they just don’t know how to help a new mom. We already know that when visiting a newborn you need to take all the admin out of it for the new mom. There is are so many things that a new mom needs think about, is baby feeding enough, making enough nappies?

How can you make her life easier?

Here are 7 ways you can really help a new mom, that will actually make her life easier!

1. Send food

Preparing food is the last thing on the mind of a mom with a new baby. You can make her something, or simply send her a delivery.

2. Support her breastfeeding journey

Why not buy a new mom a set of lactation goodies? Mrs. Milk has a variety of lactation goodies to help a new mom #MakeMoreMilk. The Mrs. Milk Website also contains tips and tricks to assist breastfeeding and pumping.

3. Send a cleaning professional

A new mom might not want you to come and clean her whole house, but she will be okay if you send in a professional. There are so many options available. Such as SweepSouth you can book online and send them over to her house (check with mom first what day is okay!). You can even gift her a voucher.

Having someone come in to do the laundry, ironing and clean can do a new mom a world of good.

4. Don’t pop in unannounced

We have discussed this one before. Popping in unannounced is just a no brainer.

5. Drop off or send some groceries

I promise you no mom is going to say no to some groceries being delivered. Milk, eggs, fresh fruit, healthy snacks! The internet makes anything possible.

6. Don’t ask silly questions. Just be.

Don’t ask a mom ‘is she a good baby?’. ‘Is he sleeping through?’ You may be very well-meaning, but those are silly questions. ALL babies are good babies. And we do not expect babies to sleep through, as they need to eat frequently.

7. Offer help, but do it in a smart way

You know moms are really BAD at asking for help. You may be offering, but she will repeatedly say she is fine. Instead, call her up and say ‘Hey, I am at the grocery store, and I can just pick up stuff for you, what do you need?’. And insist. You see, you have to put in a little effort to get a mom to accept help.

There you have it, 7 simple ways you can step in and help a new mom.

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