Life With Newborn Twins: Survival Tips From Moms of Twins

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Life With Newborn Twins: Survival Tips From Moms of Twins

Being a  mamma of twins come with its own challenges.

I had the privilege of connecting with three mamas of twins on Instagram around their experiences of  having newborn twins. They have kindly agreed for me to share their experiences. I have also linked these mamas Instagram accounts below so that you can go see their cute little ones on Instagram.

Ain’t nothing cuter than twin babies!

For this post we will focus on the top two survival tips  for life with newborn twins from each mama.

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Life With Newborn Twins: Survival Tips From Moms of Twins


Chantal from @dewolftwins and Twincess Diaries

newborn twins

Routine, routine, routine

Get on a routine from Day 1. Having two babies means that they will naturally want to feed/ sleep at different times. Unless you have 20 nannies or night nurses, you wont cope unless you get them on a feed/sleep routine. When one wakes up to eat, this means waking the other to eat as well. Failure to get them on the same routine will mean you’ll spend every waking minute feeding at least one child, and you’ll never get to sleep.
Keeping track through an App or a Baby Tracking Journal is imperative.

Restrict visitors

Unless they’re coming to cook/clean or take care of the babies while you shower/sleep/go out. You already have enough on your plate the first few weeks. Being hospitable should be the last of your concerns.

Carol from @kesimolefe

Preparing feeds

The hospital prepared feeds and put them in the fridge. We did the same and prepared 12 hourly feeds and refrigerated so come feed time we were not running around with crying babies boiling kettles etc. We would warm the milk to the right temperature and that worked well with midnight and the dreaded 2am and 5am feeds.

Getting into  routine

Getting them into routine and a similar routine was important for us. Again it was so that it wasn’t all around the clock non stop. Especially because in the 1st couple of months we just did everything solo with no help at all, while still ferrying our eldest back and forth to school so routine was very much necessary.


Presodhini from @twinfastic

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Keeping a Routine is Critical

Keeping a routine is critical for managing with twins. It will be trial and error at first however try to get both babies eating and sleeping at the same time. This will allow the parents to get some free time for rest otherwise it can turn out to be a 24 hour cycle feeding, burping, changing and getting them to sleepwithout any rest for the parents.

Family & Friends must give new parents space before they can visit

Having two babies at the same time is not child’s play. Parents are running on low energy and limited sleep. Despite family and friends having good intentions, I believe in giving the new family time together to find their routine as a unit. Once you are comfortable, friends and family are welcome to lend a helping hand but be careful not to upset any routines that have been established.

Building a routine is crucial for life with newborn twins

newborn twins survival

The With Love baby Journal helps moms with newborn twins keep track and build a routine for their little one.

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