How A Father Can Bond With His Newborn Baby

//How A Father Can Bond With His Newborn Baby

How A Father Can Bond With His Newborn Baby

The arrival of a newborn is undoubtedly a momentous occasion for both parents. Although moms will have a lot to deal with, such as feeds and recovering from birth, there are still lots of ways for dad to get involved. The only thing a father cannot do is breastfeed. Everything else is an excellent opportunity for a father to bond with his newborn baby.

Having a new baby is overwhelming, whether you are mom or dad.

Here are ways that a father can bond with his newborn baby

father and newborn bonding


Let’s talk nighttime feedings

If your baby is bottle fed, dad may also jump in and feed the baby. Nighttime feeding is a special bonding moment for dads and moms alike.
If your baby is breastfeeding, allow your baby’s father to do the wrap-up. Once you have breastfed the baby, the father can step in and do the nappy, burping and putting the baby down. Participation in these nighttime rituals allows the father some night time cuddles and mommy can get a bit of extra rest.


Moms don’t need to have all the fun. Let dads also take part in baby wearing.  It is an excellent way for dads to connect with his baby, and for your new baby to get used to his dad’s smell.

Baby care activities – don’t judge

Allow dad to do things his way. If it is different to your style, that is okay. Resist the urge to ‘take over’ every time dad does something differently.

Skin to skin is a great way to bond

Skin to skin is the perfect way for moms and dads to bond with baby.

Dads can also get comfortable with a warm blanket dad and do skin to skin too.

Build his own special time

Especially if your baby’s father has returned to work, allow him to form his own special moments with your little one. Such as a special bath time routine, book or nursery rhyme.

Overall, there are indeed so many ways that a father can bond with his newborn baby!

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