Why You Need To Use A Daily Tracker For Your Baby: Meet The With Love Baby Journal

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Why You Need To Use A Daily Tracker For Your Baby: Meet The With Love Baby Journal

Nothing prepared me for coming home with a newborn. I thought I was ready but I was not.

It was unsettling for me as I like things to have some structure. Using a daily tracker allowed me to build a little structure into our chaotic life with a new baby. I was able to stay on top of how my little one was progressing and able to build a routine.

The baby tracker played a pivotal role in helping us develop a sensible routine around sleep times and feeds. Here is why you should consider having a daily tracker (journal) for your baby.

Progressing in hospital

After you have given birth, the nurses will check on you to enquire how your newborn is feeding and if your baby has made a nappy dirty. When you have gone home,  the nurse/ paediatrician will ask you similar questions to understand how your baby is progressing.

Coming home with a newborn is overwhelming.

You might think you will be able to remember what happened when, but you won’t.

When last did the baby feed? How many nappy changes? Is the baby making enough nappies dirty vs. wet?

By using a daily log, you won’t need to remember this at all. Simply write it down.

Here is why you need a daily tracker for your baby

Knowing whether your baby is eating and sleeping okay

By using a daily log, you will ensure that your newborn baby is eating, pooping and sleeping as they should. You will be able to pick up any concerns to discuss with your paediatrician.

Identify your baby’s routine and rhythm

Each baby is an individual. Although there may be typical milestones, each baby will reach these milestones at his or her own pace. By using a daily tracker you can identify your baby’s unique routine. Example, does your baby like a longer sleep in the morning or afternoon? Is your baby wetting enough nappies? Baby tracking becomes part of your tool box in building sleep routines.

A keepsake to savour memories

By using a durable daily log, you may also save it as a keepsake. Trust me, being able to look at the first few months routine is a special memory. You really do forget what happens in those early months.

Introducing the With Love Baby Journal

with love baby journal

A beautiful, hard cover, spiral bound journal to help you keep track of your baby’s daily naps, feeds and nappy changes.

Created by a mom to help parents  understand their baby’s natural rhythm, build a routine for baby, and have a special keepsake for years to come.

Highlights of the With Love Baby Journal

with love baby journal example

  • Page a day format, to give you a snapshot of your baby’s day
  • Includes columns to track feedings, sleep, diaper changing, supplies needed, and special notes
  • User-friendly format makes tracking events quick & easy
  • 176 pages in a grid format give five months’ worth of tracking
  • Each page has space for a full day of activities & events
  • Includes the following additional interior pages: Baby Information; Emergency contacts; Baby Milestones; General Notes
  • Great gift for new or expecting parents, and makes an unforgettable baby shower gift.

The With Love Baby Journal, also comes in handy if both parents are pulling shifts, or if you are leaving your baby with a caregiver. Created and printed in South Africa.

Shop the With Love Baby Journal.


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