Download the Free Sample Routine for Your 3 – 6 Month Old baby

//Download the Free Sample Routine for Your 3 – 6 Month Old baby

Download the Free Sample Routine for Your 3 – 6 Month Old baby

At three months of age, an opportunity exists to guide your baby into a routine gently.

You may think your baby is too young for a routine. However, babies thrive on predictability.


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Nap Routine

At three month of age your baby can be guided into a simple nap routine.

Example, a simple lullaby, a story, and cuddles. A nap routine should, in essence, may a shortened version of the bedtime routine (minus bathing, etc.)

Bed Time Routine

A bedtime routine can also be established. A bedtime routine is a straightforward sequence of steps that are done in the same way each evening.

Critical elements of a bedtime routine are:

  • Consistent bedtime
  • Bath
  • Breastfeed or Bottle-feed
  • Book (or songs)
  • Cuddles and Bed

The With Love Baby Journal is designed to keep track of  your baby’s naps, feeding and diaper changes, so that you do not need to remember everything! Especially in the early stages, where you may be battling with sleep deprivation and the overwhelm of taking care of a newborn.

Having your baby’s daily routine written down, guides you in gently building a routine for your baby. The written down daily routine, also aids in discussions with your paediatrician.

Taking advantage of the With Love Baby Journal and our Free Routine for a 3 – 6 Month old baby, you will have a foundation to gently guide your baby into a routine.

Download our sample routine and sleep guidance for your 3 – 6 month old baby.
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