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Where else to find the With Love Baby Journal

Our preferred partners include lactation consultants, gifting companies, doulas, birthing centers, birth photographers, baby sleep consultants, niche maternity boutique stores and specialist stationery stores.

If you’d like to stock the With Love Baby Journal, please email

Lia & Reeese is a Cape Town Boutique and Online Store. Lia & Reese specializes in everything from maternity wear to nursing wear, from baby goods and nursery decor. Lia & Reese supports your Motherhood journey from pregnancy till after birth.



Mrs Milk specialises in South African lactation granola bars to assist breastfeeding moms with their milk supply #makemoremilk. In addition Mrs Milk’s online store caters a range of supporting lactation goodies for mom and baby.

Jislaaik’s brings South African local products. Jislaaik’s pursuit in life is to help local designers & artisans to broaden their horizons on the South African market. They are determined to find hidden gems and discover local heroes.

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