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The With Love Baby Journal

baby journal
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Keep Track & Stay Sane

Coming home with a newborn is very overwhelming. Let the With Love Baby Journal help you create a little calm by staying on top of your little one’s daily necessities.


I am obsessed with the journal, I make sure its next to me at all times. I have been so busy being a mom and it helps me to cancel one thing on my to-do list.

I don’t have to worry about remembering the time she last fed, or how many ml’s I expressed or which side she last fed from, its been amazing.

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What I love about this tracker is that you can store emergency contacts for the nanny to keep within reach. It also has a section for Items Needed, so you and the caregiver can jot down what needs to be bought for baby.

with love baby journalThe Rookie Parent Society

I love my Journal. Simplicity and organisation at its best. Thank you!

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